On Sundays I Write

The weekend is always so fleeting. I have always said that my favorite part of the weekend is¬†Friday afternoon as I head to my car after work. At that magical time, the whole weekend is spread out before me. In contrast, by Sunday evening, the realization that the new work week is merely hours away … More On Sundays I Write

The Inkblotters

My love/hate relationship with social media continues. Some days, I am very proactive in updating my accounts and letting others know about my different writing projects. Other days, there is radio silence. During one of my proactive days, a dear friend of mine (who also happens to be a writer) asked if I would be … More The Inkblotters

Love…A Memory

I had love once.  It was such an amazing thing. My world flowed, heart bursting at the seams.  Even in the darkest night, it flooded my soul with the brightest light.  I had love once.  At times it was complicated. Like a drug it had me sedated.  There were days when I felt so much … More Love…A Memory